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Since I can’t sell my own … you know: My Hero (film)


Disclaimer: More book reviews and writing posts to come!  Just thought I might feature a movie for once.  And it’s my blog so I’ll do what I want to so just shut up!

Why, hello there.  How are you?  I’m okay given I’m undergoing this intense 40-day (Sundays don’t count; I checked) caffeine withdrawal program. It’s called Lent.  Yes,  every year for Lent, I give up my worst vices including coffee, chocolate, and Coke Zero.  You’d be surprised how fast my nasty caffeine addiction comes back Easter morning though.  But anyway,speaking of Easter, Easter always makes me think of spring and spring always makes me think of summer.  And given the wonderful, mild, oh-geez-I-wish-it-could-go-on-forever wintery wonderland we had in Chicago this year, summer can’t come fast enough.   I also hope to start planning my trip to Boston for the Joint Statistical Meetings this summer soon.  I hope it’ll be a good meeting like the APS March Meeting that I just attended, where I not only learned a lot actually but also had quite a few cute physics guys flirt with me (shhh … don’t tell my future husband).  They must have found me quite attractive, sensing that I am actually a statistician and therefore I am the shizz.  I am now wondering if there’ll also be any cute statistics guys at JSM who will flirt with me (again, don’t tell my future husband) and … oh, who are we kidding – as there’ll also be a lot of hot statistics girls there who are also the shizz, I won’t stand a chance at that one.

Ah, well.   I’ve also been looking at some of the movies coming out this summer.  (You: I know what movie is NOT coming out this summer.  Me:  That’s nice.  I know who is going to get a fat lip and black eye if they don’t stop talking.)   And then, I came across this film called My Hero.  It’s basically about this young girl Jade (very cute — reminds me of my niece, Alyssa) and this young man, Jake, (quite  cute also – maybe not as hot as Tim Blais but still adorable) on the run from some big, bad guys who I guess do big, bad guy stuff.  Actually, I always find the big, bad guy in the movie who does big, bad guy stuff most adorable.  Cuz really, as if they’d be a match for me … or have you not been reading this blog?  Yeah, well, let me tell you something: when this little Polish American white girl from the Northwest side of Chicago says “Come at me, fool!”  that’s your cue to turn around and start running the other way, punk!  Yeah, I’d have them running back to their mommy … oh, sorry, it’s a British flick, right?  Okay, I’d having them running back to their mummy in no time.   Yeah, Jade and Jake should have hired me as their security detail and … what!  Can you just stop with the “Stop talking, Irene!”?  Has it ever occurred to you that maybe for once I know what I’m doing?  Okay?  You know, just because I don’t know the first thing about selling a book and my dissertation advisor more often than not gave me this look during my graduate studies doesn’t mean that … yeah, you’re right — I’ll check my life insurance policy and start casket shopping first thing in the morning.

But anyway,  I like the premise of this film and hope  you  check it out too and perhaps like their Facebook page here.  And I’m hoping that they get enough likes to bring the film State-side as I would like to have another option when seventeen of the eighteen screens at my local theater are playing that movie based on the book from my most favoritest arch rival in the world.   But I know I shouldn’t dog on another author, so I’ll just leave at  that.

P.S.  Just checked my policy and it does cover murder by one Mr. Simon Flowers.  So I’m good.  Okay — so on to casket shopping now.