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Since I can’t pimp my own sh …: Beautiful Dead Bella by Margaux Sky


Hey folks – so in my second installment of “Since I can’t pimp my own sh …”, I present you “Beautiful Dead Bella: A Lana Cloud Murder Mistery” by Margaux Sky.  Now, I first heard about this book when Margaux posted something about it on my all-girls Catholic high school Facebook page.  Yes, the same school where Sister Debbie gave us that parable assignment for which I wrote a suspense-filled saga about a girl losing her beloved, unforgettable, oh-my-God-her-life-might-as-well-be-over hair ribbon.  Had I changed the hair ribbon bit to a white collarless shirt from Fred Seigel and sold the movie rights shortly afterwards, I might just be buying my fifth Malibu home right about now, but again, I am in the dark about such things.

Anyway, Lana and her friends are out to find out who murdered her beautiful neighbor, Bella, and first become suspect of her Tony Soprano-looking husband.  Now, although she is hindered by obstacle after obstacle, I must say that she is good.  Very good.  And for this reason, she frightens me.  What I’m trying to say here is that if she ever stumbled upon my ‘dungeon’, I’d be screwed.  But I’m not giving any more away — and if I did, well, I would just have to take you to the ‘dungeon’ with me, wouldn’t I?  But I will say that what I also liked about the book is that since the story takes place on the Northwest side of Chicago, I did relate to many of the places mentioned in the book as the Lockwood Castle diner on Central and Devon (which is now a Starbucks — Starbucks: killing childhood memories since 1971) and Coconut Music on Lincoln and Peterson (which is now a liquor store — liquor stores: killing childhood memories since … well, since, forever, I guess).  So anywhoo — hope you get a chance to check out Sky’s first book in this series and be on the lookout for the second installment as well as Tomlins’ Die in Paris and Veronica Roth’s –gent trilogy.  And oh, yeah, make sure you check out this damn book as well.  Seriously, please feel free to swipe that mess.