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Don’t Judge a book by its cover … unless it’s mine



So I was watching Sex and The City the other day, the episode where Carrie’s publisher reveals the cover for her new book and she just screams “No!”.  By the way, Samantha was always my favorite.  Although I can be a bit of a prude sometimes, the slutty one always is my favorite.  Like Samantha on SATC, Blanche on the Golden Girls, Blair on the Facts of Life, and Saaaaaandra on 227.  Anyway, that got me to thinking what people might think of my covers.  Now, fortunately, when my designer Jas from International Book Promotion sent me the designs for my second and third books, I said “Cool!”.  But of course what I think it’s cool may not be what other people think it’s cool.  Like I truly believed that Anna Faris was robbed of an Oscar for her work in House Bunny and the cute, sleeping baby in Il Manors deserved at least a nod for being well, a cute, sleeping baby.  But you know what?  I’m not going to let such things affect me anymore.  Like with the cover of my first book, I actually liked my original cover as shown here but gave in to pressure from reviewers, friends, etc. into changing it.

Even with this blog, sometimes I reread some stuff and think, “Did I really write that?  No … no … I couldn’t have written that.”  And based on those television personality quizzes (by the way, there’s still one of Order of The Dimensions one which you can take here), you’d think that I’m really a Miranda/Dorothy/Jo/Mary type.  But I’m really not.  Whenever I take those quizzes, I end up being Charlotte/Rose Nyland/Natalie/Rose Lee Holloway.  And my family and friends see me as more of the latter than the former too.  You know, funny, sweet, friendly, but at the same time sort of vulnerable and a little too naïve (“For Pete’s sake, Irene!  How could you NOT know  he was joking?”) for my own good.  And I’ve actually become okay with that.  I’ve been told two opposite things by two people last week, but actually they really  mean the same thing.  My publicist, Jessi, told me to never change.  My friend, Erika, on the other hand, said to change my blog by making it more happy.  But I think she meant it in a good way.  I think she meant it to be happy because that’s actually my personality, because I actually like being happy.  So there you go.  That’s something else about the real me you now know.  So I’m going to makeover this blog to make it match the real me.  But of course, I’ll still try to be funny and entertaining.  So I might just come across as Charlotte/Rose Nyland/Natalie/Rose Lee Holloway and maybe a little zany like Carrie/Sophia/Trudy/Pearl  as those will be the sources for my funny.  And of course, a little Saaaaaaaandra.  Because, let’s face it — we all need a little Saaaaaaaaandra in our lives.  And we’ll just take it from there.  After all, this is a learning process for me, just like everything else in life.   As for the covers, I also like them just the way they are and felt that Jas also got the real me.   And if someone doesn’t like them or doesn’t like me, then maybe they’re not ready to look into my books or get my message yet.  And that’s okay too.

And if all else fails, I still have Pharrell Williams, at least.

P.S.:  If you do want to look into the covers of my second and third books, Revised Orders and Final Orders, feel free to check out this Facebook event that Jessi set up for me April 25th at 8 PM, EST.  Thanks and stay happy!