A simple guide to what NOT to do when promoting a book.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Can you subscribe me to this blog?

    Your approach might work well as a verbal blogger on youtube. Humour, I mean. You ever considered it?

    I found you on Bookblogs, which I’m NOT on. I’m heading for Wattpad.


    1. Hi Heather! Thanks for your interest. I don’t know how to subscribe someone but I think you can get updates on my posts by clicking ‘Follow’ on the top if you have a wordpress account. I’d love to be a verbal blogger but I’m not quite ready for it yet and if you’d like, I can email you the reason why. Thanks again – I’m glad that the blog is picking up, even if my book isn’t 😉

  2. In for a penny, in for a pound. Are you looking at Wattpad for anything? I haven’t looked yet, but I wonder if anyone does reviews on their Wattpad accounts?


  3. I am working on youtube vid processes. Show me something I can play with. YOU pick. Presently, the vids are short because I am using Photobooth and reading off the screen. But when I read from my hand written stuff, I can go on a while.

    And please note: Anything on youtube can be copied, to another website. I googled one of my accounts and found this out. You okay with that?

    heading your way to drive you nuts. You’ve been warned.

    1. Huh. Let’s start with the first three and see how those go. Thanks. I actually can’t wait to be driven nuts – that way, I can plead insanity when the murder cases inevitably go to trial 😉

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