Since I can’t pimp my own sh …

Hey peeps!  Sorry for not posting in a while but guess where I was!  Yup, the APS March meeting!  Guess who I haven’t seen there though.  John Krasinski, my future husband, or Trickster Guy.  Nope, no Order of The Dimensions book/movie/anything tie in at this meeting. (You:  Oh, like, there’ll be one ever.)  Ah well, who needs them when I could meet the hunka hunka man, Tim Blais.  Of course, I haven’t seen Tim Blais either.  Eh, who needs him when I got the hunka hunka cardboard cutout of #FlatFeyman.


Feyman just chillin’ in my hotel room. I think he wanted to watch some TV.

Anyway, getting here was kind of an adventure too.  Maybe not as exciting as being kidnapped by a deep, dark, sexy former Russian spy and forced to be his love slave in Malta in another dimension, but interesting (to me, at least) all the same.  It all started four thirty Sunday morning when the airline that shall remain nameless came up with the brilliant idea to cancel my initial flight and schedule me for a flight just two hours before my presentation. This led me to call the airline back and politely tell them “Awe, hell, naw!”.  After the agent of the airline that shall remain nameless gave me a few more options with unreasonable times to which I responded, “Awe, hell, naw!”, she finally gave me an option with a reasonable time but bit of an unreasonable price change to which I responded, “Awe, hell … well, I guess I have no other options, do I?”, to which the agent responded, “Awe, hell, naw!”  But anyway, the meeting went well.  Since it was a work trip for me, I mainly attended sessions related to physics used in cancer and other biomedical research, but I did sneak into an interesting quantum mechanics session too.  Of course, I was too much chicken shi.. to bring up a question regarding inter-dimensional travel again as it most likely would have been received with this response.

But enough about me.  I have decided to do some posts where I share some other works by a few authors friends I have met along the way during my wonderful (HA!), illustrious (double HA!), successful (oh God, an infinite number of HAs would not cover that one, would it?) journey into writing.  The first book I chose to feature here is Die in Paris by Marilyn Tomlins about my new role model notorious serial killer, Dr. Marcel Petiot.  You can find my amazon review of the book here and without giving away too much, Dr. Petiot would even have Putin saying “Oh, he’s good“.  So I hope you check out this book.  I’m sure glad I did as it gave me some ideas to … anyway, I’m just glad I did.


And for more pimped out sh.. that should be pimped out even more than mine (You: You can say that again! Me:, And I asked you this when?) be sure to check out my publicist Jessi’s page for more awesome stuff to check out here.


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