Kick-me starter


So there’s this one concept I’m still trying to wrap my brain around and that’s the concept of Kick-starter and begging people for money to fund your awesome, spectacular, sure-to-be blockbuster movie/book/music campaign.   No really, it’s gonna be a hit!  Really, you’ll get back your investment and then some.  No really, you … please, please, please – just give me money!!! Please? And I’m not opposed of helping out others with a little financing, especially if I really am interested in the project itself.  But I dunno … I just don’t think I could try it myself.  I have instead come up with my own way of trying to raise money.  It’s called trying to sell my damn book and make money from that.  Never mind that it’s not working.  I just always felt bad about asking others for money, even if it was for a good cause like the USTOO Prostate Cancer Walk I did last September.  I’d just rather ask others to do something like download a free copy of my book and then make a donation to a charitable cause myself  for each download (by the way, my Go Red giveaway — still ongoing.  Yes, that was a hint.  So please help me help contribute to bringing heart disease awareness to women everywhere by just  downloading one measly little book.  Just. One. Measly. Little. Book. And yes, that was a guilt trip.)  Still, since book promoting ain’t cheap and I already have a feeling my refund will only go so far with my stellar saving skills, I have come to the realization that it may be an option I might want to consider one day.  I have even thought of a title for my Kick-starter campaign already.  Want to hear it?  Okay.  It’s called the  “Give me money and I promise to stop pimping my damn book” campaign.  And since I’m gonna promise to stop pimping my damn book, think of all the money I’ll  be getting from the campaign that I don’t have to spend on book promotion.  Ka-ching.


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