LOL, your blog is … ahaha, just gave you a virus!


So I’ve been getting a few tweets as of late which have led me to put Jack Dorsey ahead of Mark Zuckerberg again on my ‘list’.  You know, the ‘list’.  I have started calling it the same thing that my new idol calls his: the “Unfortunate souls who are about to have an unfortunate ‘accident'” list.  I have also put the individuals who have sent me these recent tweets on the list.  I know I vowed to keep the anonymity of my victims on this site but these particular individuals are so vile that I am tempted to expose their twitter handles, IP addresses, and Google Maps coordinates along with a list of hardware stores within the vicinity of those coordinates where you could get the latest, top of the line in pitchforks and torches before arriving at the final destination.  So who would actually make me do such a thing?  Those peeps who send out the “Is this you?”, “Did you write this?”, “LOL, your blog is something else!” tweets, that’s who.  At first, I thought maybe they were referring to an interview I gave or a book review or even this blog.  Hell, I was just happy that someone was actually reading some of my crap.  But of course, once I clicked on the link, I got nada.  But because I can be an idiot in all things social marketing, I did this a few times before I finally decided to google what this could all mean and came upon this finding.  I came to the realization that my guardian angel (aka my antiviral software) has been watching over me and protecting my computer from completely frying to crisp all this time.  Yet I do not want to piss off my guardian angel for being an idiot all this time, having my guardian angel call it a day and leading my hardware to fend for itself.  So, at the risk of missing out on someone working at a major publishing company or for a big shot movie director, I do not click on such links anymore.  I have decided to instead reply to such tweets by writing “No, but I think this is you at 0:13” and include this link that actually works.  I just hope that they would not be munching on a corn dog or operating heavy machinery by the time they got to 0:13.  As that might lead to an unfortunate ‘accident’.


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