Well, that went over well too


So I made up this personality quiz which I posted on facebook and twitter in hopes of getting others to engage in my posts.  I mean, everyone loves those personality quizzes, right?  Well, so far the only taker has been my publicist, Jessi, and God love her, but there is this lingering thought in the back of my head that she only took it to avoid unemployment and the ‘dungeon’.  I even named a few peeps both on facebook and on twitter to take the quiz, but still other than Jessi … nada.  But anyway, I just thought I would post it here and give some additional interpretations of the results in hopes to make them more, shall we say, ‘intriguing’, and lead to a greater interest in the story.


Jane: [original interpretation]  A beautiful mind both in the arts and sciences, you are the star of the show where ever you are.  Your brilliance is only surpassed by your nurturing nature and how you care for others.  [additional interpretation]  Yeah, yeah, yeah … you’re the perfect scientist … the perfect wife … the perfect mother.  No wonder everyone secretly hates you.

Randy: [original interpretation]  Easy going for the most part, you can turn into a fierce fighter when it comes to protecting your loved ones.  You yearn to be a  free spirit and would love to roam the skies all day, yet remain grounded and take all your responsibilities seriously.  [additional interpretation]  Basically, you’re too whipped by your perfect wife to follow your dreams and take out your frustrations on others.  Someone telling you that you’re too whipped by your perfect wife to follow your dreams might lead them to getting a black eye, although what they say is totally true.

Tina: [original interpretation]  You may not always be in the limelight, but there is no doubt that you are much loved by those around you.     [additional interpretation]  I guess people like you but you make yourself feel like a loser by obsessing over your non-existent book sales.  Basically, you need my friend Erika to slap you and tell you to knock it off.  Oh, wait, that’s me.  Or Tina if she were me … or … whatever, you get the picture.

Anton: [original interpretation]  There is no doubt you are a formidable nature.  Foreboding and powerful, you have your tender moments but crossing you is NEVER recommended.   [additional interpretation]  Vladimir Putin has nothing on you, man!  Of course, that’s not a compliment.  This is what the world outside of the governmental controlled Russian media and the good citizens of Russia living in total fear of being sent to Siberia every second of their lives thinks about Putin.

Maggie: [original interpretation]  You definitely are a Southern spitfire at times, a force to be reckoned with.  Yet there are moments where you are childlike and vulnerable.  But those are the moments when you know your true soulmate is looking out for you.  [additional interpretation]   So basically you’re a strong, independent woman who turns into a damsel-in-distress just to get a guy’s attention.  That’s cool.  And always very healthy, I’d say.

So anyway, I guess you can say I’m stupid for sabotaging my own personality test based on my own book and alienate potential customers.  [You:  WHAT CUSTOMERS??  Me: EXACTLY!!  DUH!!]  Well, anyway – please feel free to take the quiz … assuming that you’re brave enough to find out what others REALLY think about you.


3 thoughts on “Well, that went over well too

    1. I know, Donna. I’m sorry – I wasn’t talking about anyone in particular – just commenting about non-response in general and on twitter as well as on facebook 🙂 Anyway, I just thought this would make another funny entry though – that’s all. Hope you do enjoy the quiz and looking forward to your answer 😉

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