Some More Gems from Book 2


As promised …

“It’s not you. It’s Vlad.  He lied to you if he indeed told you to come with Anton’s children.  We specifically told him to bring you alone.”  [IF … IF … that is.  But IF he didn’t tell you that, well then you’re the liar!  You shifty byotch!]

“Enough of your games, Agent Lipinski!  If anyone here so much as touches those children … “  His phone rang. [Damn … don’t you hate it when that happens?  You’re about to threaten the life of someone threatening your children and then your phone rings.]

“But Anton …  I need to bring him to justice, while freeing his alter from the black dimension and reuniting him with his family.”  [That’s it … Randy has it all figured out!]

Although her family and friends were quite wary about her seeing an older, already
married, foreigner with questionable connections, Jane could not help but be
lured by his mystique.  [What??  No good??  But it worked for EL James!!!]

“Well, Anton, turns out that we need to talk about some criminal issues that my office is investigating.”  Quite certain that Randy was referring to some of his shady exchanges with the mafia involving several pieces of Monet that were recently in his possession, Anton suddenly became defensive. [Hey, just don’t get between a conman and his Monet, okay?]  “Well, I do not know what you heard about those missing artworks but . . . ”   “Artworks?”  Randy repeated a bit surprised.  [And then Anton was like, “Uh … never mind.”] Becoming confused about what Randy wanted and eager to find out, Anton’s demeanor returned to its usual confident and slightly aggressive tone.  [Well, he was still worried about Randy finding the artwork, so that’s why he was only SLIGHTLY aggressive.]

Anyway, still editing so don’t be surprised if I post any more such jewels …



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