Bow Down to Me!


You know, I’ve been thinking.  Things get very disastrous very quickly when I do that, I know, but you know how people say, “Well, he/she is a good author/actor/singer and wrote that good book/starred in that good movie/sang that good song, but he/she really didn’t do anything like cure cancer so it’s not like I should bow down to him/her.”  And I totally agree with that statement.  The thing is I do collaborate with cancer researchers all day so in effect, I am helping to find a cure for cancer so you should bow down to me, bitches!  No, seriously, why aren’t you bowing down to me yet, bitches? Seriously, what gives??


2 thoughts on “Bow Down to Me!

    1. Very good, minion. You may now be excused. Seriously, Nick, it’s sooooo good to hear from you again 🙂 I sure hope this means your internet is up and running again and all is well 🙂

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