Being at the Right Place at the Wrong Time

Just a small note:  This post is dedicated to the loving memory of my niece, Julia, Anna’s and Mark’s sister.

Hey peeps.  How have you been?  I’ve been okay, I guess.  Been working on papers and protocols and paper reviews and my soon-to-be best-selling, Pulitzer award-winning, Stephanie-Meyer-eat-your-heart-out Book 2.  What?  Oh, okay.  I’ll wait until you’re done. Are you good now?  Alrighty then.  Where was I? Oh, and I also took the plunge and submitted a post deadline abstract to an APS meeting and should find out if it was accepted or not this week.  So basically, I’m waiting for them to say,  “No.  Not interested.  Now, kill yourself, loser.”  Well, maybe they’ll be a bit nicer than that and react like this.  But anyway, what else is new?  Oh, I had dinner with my niece, Anna, the other week.  And she told me a story about how when my nephew, Mark, her brother, was visiting her in Hawaii and almost ran into Luke Wilson at his estate.  Now, my nephew is an independent film maker here in Chicago, as my friend Jen’s husband, Jason, is.  I know, I know … if I can’t even get Mark or Jason to read my book, what chance do I have with @johnkrasinski or @joemangeniello or #TricksterGuy to respond any other way than this?  1.  Good point, now please shut up and stop overkilling that George-of-the-Jungle bit.  2.  Why are you speaking in twitter mode?  Oh wait … I’m overkilling that George-of-the-Jungle bit and in twitter mode as I am the one writing this after posting a few tweets.  Hmmm.  Sorry about that.

Anyway, so I looked at Anna and said, “Well, what did Mark do?  Did he actually go up to him?  Did he say hi?  Think of the opportunities if he had!”  And my niece responded, “I know!”  So that got me to thinking about how things just happen sometimes to lead us to our destiny.  Like when I saw a biostatistics flyer in college just when I failed my computer programming class and had to come to the realization that bioinformatics was just not for me.  Or when I decided to email my current boss out of the blue after graduating with a Masters in statistics from Wisconsin in Madison, as I was planning to move back to Chicago, and received a job offer just as my UW traineeship ended.   Or when I tweeted @simonschuster … wait … that one hasn’t worked out. Never mind.  By the way, twitter — NEVER the right place at the right time.  Ever.  Maybe I’ve just been lucky one too many times with being in the right place at the right time and this is pay back.  But then again — to whatever fates are listening out there — one more couldn’t hurt.  Just sayin’.

So will my book ever be at the right place at the right time and maybe even get picked up with a big publishing company?  Will my nephew run into Luke Wilson again who will then give up the opportunity of a lifetime?   Are there still inquiring minds who want to know?  I have no clue.  I would hope so but I guess I just have to put on my Doris Day Pillow Talk hat and pearls and just let what will be will be.  And thus, I thought about ending this post with one of these lovely images.  But I’ll just end it with this gif, as I overkilled it anyway.


2 thoughts on “Being at the Right Place at the Wrong Time

  1. KIKAAAAAAA :0) I loved this post! Everything is perfectly on track! Mark was in the car when he saw Luke Wilson so there must have been a reason for there to be a barrier at the time, just like you failed that computer programming class for a reason! Keep promoting your book and reaching out to the world like this because if your book is meant to be on the big screen, it will happen!! :0) I miss you and love you and look forward to having dinner with Mark and you so we can get him to read your book ;0) Love, Anusia

  2. Awe, Anusiu – thank you so much – xoxoxoxo!!! And I’m so glad that you like it in Australia. And yes, we should get together with Mark when you’re back. Love you!!! PS: Bring your auntie back a cute Ozzie 😉

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