Things that will make them scream “Irene!!!”

Attractive Woman with Her Books

So I’ve had a few snow days because of the extreme weather from the polar vortex lately.  And try as I might to avoid it, I still got a bit of cabin fever.  I guess I could have spent that time doing some more chores around the house (eh!), working on a paper (pfft!), maybe even sending out post holiday cards to peeps I’ve missed during December (yeah, right!), but I was so damn tired that I just hung out around the house and watched some reality shows that I really didn’t want to but am genetically predisposed to watch.  Oh wait … I did work on some stories to finally finish up Book 2.  Oh wait … it’s not like anyone will read the damn thing … so I guess that was actually a futile activity too.  Hmm.

Well, maybe it’s for the best if no one reads it as I put some personal anecdotes in there that would, as I state in the title, make them scream “Irene!!!”  Nothing particularly bad, many of them being none-events, actually, but still some things that maybe I shouldn’t make known.  But of course, I don’t do those things in the stories.  Tina does.  Yes, the same Tina I mentioned before who will rock one of the snazziest outfits that Lady Gaga ever worn.  So in one story, I go Tina goes to a friend’s son’s birthday party where she obliviously takes … never mind.  And in another story, I she knocks over … again, you don’t need to know (for now, at least).  So why did I even bother putting those stories in as filler?  Well, I found them kind of fun and easy to write.  And therapeutic to write.  Kind of like going to Confession … getting it out there just makes you feel better (it’s a Catholic thing, at least; bear with me).  So they actually flow better than some of the more ‘exciting’ stories in the book.  This might come as a shock to you but I’ve never actually been kidnapped by a deep, dark, sexy former Russian spy and taken to another dimension where I was forced to be his love slave in Malta.  So try as I might to make it adventurous and exciting, it just comes across as forced a lot of the time. I tried reading some action adventures to get an idea of how to build up the suspense, but still those stories just are not the easiest for me to convey.

Unlike those little life moments like this morning when I Tina almost ran into … again, you’ll just find out when you read the sequel (in other words, my secrets are safe forever!!!).  So I guess the message for today is just write what you feel and don’t worry about what others might want to read or what they might think about when they (if they ever) read what you write.  Anyway, that’s all for now.  Back to the daily grind.  Now that the snow days are over, I am back to work and bombarded by a bunch of new projects.  Oh, and I just got another review request from a journal.  And (this is new to me) this journal asks you to specify the date when you will submit the review before the actual due date.  Huh … all of a sudden, I thought about Tina having a customer tell her that he needs his computer by Friday and then proceed to ask her if it’ll be ready any day that comes before Friday.  Hmmm … wonder where that one came from.  I simply have no idea.


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