Punctual (Non)Rant


So today I am going to talk about a pet peeve of mine.  Like what other things do I do on here?  But this one deserves particular attention, I think.  This is just something I always needed to get off my chest.  I’ve seen it all over on facebook, twitter, google+, personal emails, and it really disheartens me that I have some very good friends who do this too.

You know what I hate ?  You want to really know ?  I hate when people put a space before a question mark or an explanation mark !  Like I am doing now !  Isn’t it annoying ? Isn’t it ?  Yes, it is !  Don’t lie !  Don’t tell me that you don’t want to strangle the next person who comes through the door at your home, office, whatever, after reading this !  Because that’s what I’d really like to do after writing this !  It’s not cute !  It’s not clever !  It’s not funny !  It’s stupid !  It’s idiotic !  It’s something I better not say unless I want Sarah Palin to come after my ass with a shotgun !  And I know some really smart people who do it too !  Why ? Why ? Why ?  And if twitter or your cell phone automatically puts the space in there, go back and correct it !  If your tweet needs a space before its exclamation mark, it wasn’t that great to begin with !  And probably won’t be retweeted !  Just sayin’ !  Just imagine that another tree is cut down for every unnecessary space you use.  A tree with a nest full of baby robins in it !   Baby robins just waiting for Mama Robin to come back !  Do you really want all those baby robins to lose their home ?  Do you ?   Or do you not care ?  Monster!!!  I mean, Monster ! ! !  That said, I am totally going to use this technique in my Books 2 and 3 now !  Just so that they will become (in)famous for their sheer annoyances and stupidity !  Yes !  Here we go ! EL James, I will beat you at your own game yet, bitch!!!  Oh, sorry — I meant, EL James, I will beat you at your own game yet, bitch ! ! !

Well, anyway, thanks again for bearing with me through another one of my grievances.  Until next time !  See that ?  See what I’m talking about now ?  Freakin’ annoying ! ! !

2 thoughts on “Punctual (Non)Rant

  1. nope ! I won’t allow it ! I will delete every space while I proofread because OMG IT IS ANNOYING! lol… I mean OMG IT IS ANNOYING ! lol….

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