Merry Humbug!!


Well, folks, Christmas is almost here and what can I say?  It’s been a year that … well, it’s been a year.  But enough about me.  How was your year?  How is your holiday season going?  Do you have your tree up yet?  Huh?  Any presents under the tree yet?  Any books under there?  I bet I know what book is probably NOT under your tree.  Probably not this one, eh?  Yeah, I guessed that one right, didn’t I?  Ah, well.  Anyway, in the spirit of being inclusive and politically correct, I’d also like to say that I hope that any Jewish peeps reading this had a good Thanksgivukkah, that any folks celebrating Kwanzaa have a good one coming up, and that any jolly ole chaps celebrating Boxing Day have a good one as well.  And I’ll probably come back to wish everyone a Happy New Year but in case I’m too hung over and forget or you’re too hung over and forget to check here to see if I forget, let us just wish each other a Happy New Year Now Just in case we’re too Hung Over and Forget Later.  And may 2014 not be any worse for my book sales.  (You:  How can it get worse?  Me: Exactly!!).  But seriously, I do wish each and everyone of you health and prosperity in the new year and hope it turns out better than 2013, whether 2013 was hot for you or not.  And if you really, really, really still want to look into Order of The Dimensions  … really??  You don’t??  You’re not going to even pretend to in the spirit of the season?  Hmmm … well, just for the sake of argument you do … you can still download a free copy and $1 will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for each download.  Or at least fight your inner Scrooge long enough to press the DL button for a good cause.  All right … I’m out!


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