It’s December! Who should we help out now?

Now, I must say that the responses I got for my giveaways with each download contributing to the Susan G. Komen Foundation in October and the USToo Foundation in November were not too shabby.  Could be better but not too shabby.  So the holiday season, I have decided to donate $1 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society from now until January 7, 2014.  Yes, I’m extending to the first week of January, because really, what else is there to do after the holidays?  You won’t have an excuse NOT to download the damn thing, will you?  No really, the first week of the year kind of sucks, especially the second day of the first week of the year.  I mean, can you imagine having a birthday on January 2nd?  Everyone’s too tired from Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, etc., and too hung over from New Years to really care.  I mean, out of all the three hundred sixty-five and a quarter days in a year, can you imagine your mother deciding to go into labor  THAT day???  So anyway, guess who’s birthday is January 2nd?  Yup.  What did I tell ya?  My life.  It just works like that.  But I digress (love you anyway, mom, by the way).  So  anyway, hope you know the drill by now.  You can download your free copy of Order of the Dimensions from this link, and hopefully, there’ll be enough downloads for me to make a substantial donation to LLS.  So help me help out another worthy cause and in the process, maybe just maybe give me a happy birthday this year.  Because there’s only so much consolation I can get by knowing that Cuba Gooding Jr. and Kate Bosworth must feel my pain.



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