Blocking the Block: Writer’s Block


So I have finished my Book 3 before my Book 2 and am aiming to have the trilogy ready by next summer.  And I apologize in advanced to all the actors, directors, and producers who are involved in next summer’s blockbuster movie line-ups as everyone will be home reading to find out if Anton Zelov ever succeeds with his quest for inter-dimensional domination.  Again, what is with you and your Michael Jordon imitations??  Anyway, I’m sort of used to finishing and publishing works out of order.  In fact, the second part of my dissertation was the first paper to be published last year, the third part was published this year, and the first part of my dissertation will be published sometime next year. Confused yet?  Awesome!!! The second part which was the first paper to be published was actually printed in a Turkish journal.  No real reason to mention that.  Just thought I’d throw that tidbit in there.  (Dictionary Lady:  Wait … that’s sort of interesting.  We can use that and … Me:  Too late.  You’ve been replaced by Jessi.)  Anyway, so I’m trying to finish the second damn book and I ran into it … the most dreading thing that a writer could experience … the most … crap, I’m experiencing it right now … the thing … no, I really am … I really am trying to build up to tell you that I am having writer’s block and I’m having writer’s block trying to think about ways to build up to that darn block.

Finishing up Book 3 was actually pretty easy once I came up with an idea of how I wanted it to all end.  And after I wrote the outline of the story, I also came up with the back stories, some based on difference experiences I’ve had over the last few months, including some stories based on promoting my first book, to beef it up.  So I’ve been trying to use the same technique this time around but it’s just not going as smoothly anymore.  I guess my life became sort of boring as of late. (You:  Was it ever that exciting?  Me: Good point. Now, shut up, please.)  I’ve attended a few holiday parties and came up with a few anecdotes based on those, but still, nothing that particularly stood out.  Hell, I’m even having writer’s block when coming up with new entries for this blog.  Why do you think I keep recycling the same people over and over … and over again?  No one, except for NBR, has really pissed me off as of late.  Although I haven’t written about Religious Agent lately.  Hmmm … maybe I should email her and wish her Happy Holidays?  I dunno.  Yeah, you’re right – that would be just too evil.   Anywho, I still have to get ready for more holiday celebrations and still have that paper to write that’s due in January.  So maybe taking a break from writing anyway and just living my exciting, vibrant, adrenaline-filled (again, shut up, please) life for a while is a good idea.  And then we’ll see what happens.  Oh, and unless I have to work late again, I might just go and see my hubby at the Old Orchard Barnes and Nobel, tonight, December 6th, at 7pm.   Maybe hubby will give me inspiration for a new story.  (You: Is there really any dimension where he is truly your hubby?  Me:  Oh my God!  Seriously, can you please, please, PLEASE shut up already???)


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