Big business vs. small indie


So we all heard the us vs. them stories.  The Erin Brockovich vs. Pacific Gas stories.  The mom-and-pop take on giant retail stores stories.  The me vs. the Illuminati stories.  And we all root for the small guy, don’t we?  Because more often than not, we are the small guy.  And if you are an indie author, you can definitely identity with those stories.  Not to sound like a conspiracy nutjob, but it is definitely harder and harder to break through if you’re going at it on your own and as big business basically determines who can make you and who can break you.  I thought it was just a myth that six corporations control 90% of the American media until I read this link from an actually legitimate  source (which is often cited by media outlets owned by those corporations – the irony!!).  Even celebrity fan sites are being taken over by the actual celebrity’s agents, lawyers, publicists, et al. and you can hardly tell who the hell you are interacting with anymore.  Like I had this one fan site for an actress like my page and we had a few interactions once in a while.  But then I noticed that she was no longer liking my page and took down some of my postings and I thought “That bitch!” so I headed to her page and noticed that the format, the writing style, everything had changed and she automatically got 25k likes.  I could automatically tell that someone from the real actress’ team must have taken over that poor girl’s fan page.

Or take the case of Trickster Guy as another example.  I still don’t know if my interaction with him was with really him or just a fan playing around before representatives of the real person took over the site.  But in either case, if I  were to name-drop him here and if he were to stumble upon this site (Of course, he would in that case, because my life.  It just works like that.), he could get his lawyers to call my lawyer (i.e., my five-year-old niece whom my brother is convinced will become an attorney as she knows exactly how to negotiate how many cookies she can get before bedtime) and say “Our client never had that interaction with your client and now we’re gonna take all your money, fool!”  And being the big corporate lawyers they are, they could easily win the case no matter how good my lawyer (did I mention she’s an excellent cookie negotiator?) is.  But then they would look at my back account and react like this and say “Okay, we won’t take all your money, fool (since you have none!!) but we would kindly [read: anything but kindly] ask you to disable your site.”  And you know what that would mean for you, right?  That’s right.  No more ha, ha funny for you, folks!

But what can we do?  Well, I’m just plugging away, doing my thang without getting caught, and rooting for the lil guy like I always do.  I even root for the small business owner in my book as the benevolent alter of the villain is a small business owner.  He’s also white, middle-aged, and fiscally conservative which would probably make him … a … a … oh no … can I say it here? … a Republican!!  Not that anything is wrong with that.  I’m a Republican.  Um, why do I hear all these crickets all of a sudden??  Anyway, so with him as a Republican, I guess Schwarzenegger, Stallone, or Gene Simmons might consider playing him.  Cut to Schwarzenegger, Stallone, and Simmons actually reading this just now and reacting like this and starting to sing my favorite Taylor Swift song (you know what it is by now).  Because, again, my life.  It just works like that.


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