But Am I Ready for my Closeup?


So I just started this blog for fun, not expecting much to come out of it, but as time passed I emailed some entries to friends and a lot of them said,  “Irene, these are really good!”  And I’m like, “No, you’re just being nice.”  And they’re like, “No!  Unlike your book, some of these are really good!”  Then last week I got really bold and emailed several entries to two members of my dissertation committee, one of them being my advisor, and they actually liked some of my posts as well.  In fact, my advisor even said I had the potential to become a household name someday.  And I thought to myself “Well, that could be sort of cool.  Who would have thought that ironically I could become a name for bashing my damn book rather than for said damn book itself.”  And maybe he just might know something I’m not seeing, since, as a statistician, he’s the … you know.  But we’ll see how any of this pans out.  My advisor, another colleague, and I also discussed big data when we met up last week.  And now, I have a little understanding of it.  But it also has me a little worried.  Because thanks to technology brought about by big data and data mining, it could be very easy to find information out there that you don’t want found.  Like if you play around with certain key words in that google thingy (really, DL, it’s fascinating!  You should try it sometime!), you could easily determine who some of the peeps I talk about are here even if I still wish to keep them anonymous (for the rest of you, it’s not really that fascinating!  DON’T try it sometime).  So I don’t know — maybe at this time, I’m just not feeling very Lady Gaga and would rather not live for the applause as I’d still like to keep some things private.  I guess I’m not (and I don’t think any of us, really, are) truly equipped to deal with cons along with the pros of celebrity.  So maybe it’s just okay if neither my damn book nor this blog bashing my damn book will become the next big thing.

There are other reasons why my obscurity still is a good thing.  Like I do not want certain people to find out about my plans to go shopping at the Old Orchard Barnes & Nobel in Skokie on December 6th at 7:00 pm for those Godiva chocolates for my school and work colleagues.  I do not want this as I’m afraid that I’ll find more Illinois state troopers there than in the Palace Hotel Ballroom, greeting me and handing me the reinstated restraining order.  Um, yes, I have to get those chocolates December 6th at 7pm.  And I have to get them at the Old Orchard B&N, not at the one just a block away from my house with the charming Nook pusher.  Anyway, I’m trying to get one of my friends to go with me, but whenever they say, “Okay, but your name is not Bridget Peters.”  and I reply “Of course not, silly!  It’s Dr. Helenowski-Manganiello!”, they suddenly remember that they have other plans that day.  Oh well.  Maybe I’ll take my mom shopping.  He has to eventually meet the in-law anyway, right?

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