Jessi vs. Dictionary Lady: Bob Marley edition


So I opened up my facebook the other day and noticed I got a message from my publicist, Jessi, asking “I’m doing good, yah?”  And of course, I said she’d doing great as my engagements are actually increasing and I’m happy.  And when I’m happy,  she’s happy as she knows that she has just  avoided the ‘dungeon’ again.  But then I went to my actual page and noticed a cannabis-related post on there.  I was about to message her again and tell her that she is going to the ‘dungeon’ after all before she will be ‘let go’, but then, I thought, “You know what?  Let’s see where this is going.”  after seeing a few likes and comments under it.  And I’ve noticed some valid arguments for and against the legalization of cannabis.  I also added my own comments under my personal name in regards to my opinion on the subject matter.  In fact, I stated, as I have before on here, that I am very wary about any public site advocating one treatment as the end-all-be-all cure for any disease, particularly cancer.

That got me to thinking about how Dictionary Lady told me that sometimes I need to post something unrelated to my book, something that would let the readers learn something about me and connect with me.  And that post did exactly that as I have got to tell my potential readers (Um, yes, I might have potential readers, okay?  Now, shut up and stop making Michael Jordan imitations) that I work in a cancer center and have been involved in studies examining alternative treatments related to nutrition and exercise.   So I could now see her point, the point being to think outside the box and let the potential reader (again, stop with the MJ imitations) know something about me.  I’m not saying that I’ll be passing the dutchie with DL anytime soon though.  I still think her deliverance sucked and she should have payed more attention to my initial needs before posting about her favorite periodical.  That’s  why I made sure that Jessi has gotten to know me and my style a bit before I loosened the reigns on her.  And she always checks up to see if I’m comfortable with what she’s posting. Also, she does not like any pages on facebook or follow any sites on twitter that I may be opposed to.  But there you have it:  I am giving credit where credit is due and noting that DL had a point.  I obviously don’t have all the answers when it comes to book promoting (I mean, hello!  This blog!  Duh!), so I’m open to any ideas that can help even if they’re way outside the box.  Um, Trickster Guy, you don’t have to nod so boldly.  I know you were probably only joking but who said we’re okay now?   Who said that you were removed from my to-murder list?  I mean … it’s okay, maan!  We cool, maan!  We make peace, maan!  I’m just joking, maan!**

Or am I?

** Yes, my faux Jamaican accent comes from Musical Youth and the last ten  minutes of License to Wed.  What of it?  What are you trying to say?


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