The ‘Nice’ Bigoted Reviewer


So I posted something earlier about a bad review that I found upsetting as the blogger made a comment about English not being my native language. I acknowledged my poor writing style in the very first edition of the book, as I have done before, but I was also taken aback by that native language comment.   Still, I was really pissy and spitting nails and out of character, even for this blog.  I’m still quite upset over the assumption but thinking it over, she probably didn’t mean to imply that I’m a dumb little something that starts with a ‘P’ and ends with ‘ollock’.  That said, she’s still not off the hook.  I still think she was probably one of those queen bees in high school who liked to say these things to the only black girl in the group.  Of course, by saying that, I am no better than her by making an assumption about a person that I do not know in person.  Okay, I’m probably giving her more ammo with my poor wording here … but whatever – you know what I mean.  Anyway, I just want to tell this person if she reads this to be more careful with her future reviews and perhaps refrain from future references regarding what someone’s native tongue might be or how their ethnicity might affect their writing.  Yes, I am the child of immigrants and yes, I grew up in a home learning two languages (how many do you know, by the way?), but I was also born here in the States and was raised here in Chicago all my life.  And even if that was not the case, putting something like that in your review was uncalled for and makes you look like the one who’s an idiot.  But I have now changed your title from KKK Reviewer to NBR (‘Nice’ Bigoted Reviewer) and I’m sorry for making the assumption that you must be a Russian prostitute with an infant daughter running away from your pimp, Vlad.  Wait … you never heard me say that?  Oooh … okay, never mind then.


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