Time? What dat?


I have some good news for my future murder victims!  Looks like I won’t be killing them any time soon!  Because killing people is not nice, you ask?  Um, yeah, that too. But I’ll be out of commission until January 2014 because of this new paper I have to write!  And I have some even better news come January 2014 since my co-author might kill me instead!  That is, if my paper is not written by the submission deadline yet, you see.  And I not only have that damn paper to worry about but I am getting more and more work obligations getting out of hand that are making it more and more difficult for me to finish up my sequels, email bloggers, maintain my facebook and twitter accounts, and even keep up with this blog.  What did you think?  Elves write this blog???  Well, okay, I do hire these little Christmas Elves trying to make some extra cash during their off season who have written some of the better masterpieces on here.  So just so you know, come December, the posts on here might become even more sporadic and the quality may go down.  That reminds me … now, I also have to worry about shopping and getting the tree and decorating the tree and holiday parties and OH MY GOD, WHY, WHY, WHY DID I HAVE START THINKING ABOUT THE HOLIDAYS JUST NOW???  WHY??? WHY??? WHY??? FOR THE LOVE OF BABY JESUS’ BIRTHDAY, WHY DID I JUST DO THAT TO MYSELF???

The bottom line is book promotion takes time as well as money.  And what is time you ask?  Hell if I know … I just know that I don’t have enough of it to keep up!  Even with my new publicist, Jessi, whom I still consider a God-send at this point, I still have a lot to do on my own and a lot of things that I still want my own control over.  I can definitely still be a control freak … I’ll admit that right now.  And that’s why I still wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, checking my facebook page to make sure there are no almanac references on there.  I just like things done on my own terms in my own time.  But again, I still don’t know what time is and would probably have a better you-know-what explaining big data to you.  And yet, thus far, everything has gotten done miraculously in the nick of time as with that ICSMH 2014 abstract.  So I’m just hoping that I can continue with my pace and my paper and all my other obligations will be done on time, still leaving me plenty of  opportunity to resume with writing, promotion, and the murders.  But don’t worry … I’ll still be nice when it comes to the killings.  Like I decided not to serenade my victims with OneRepublic’s “Counting Stars” after all.  That would just be too cruel.  Like if you ever heard my singing voice, you would know that that would be some Guantanamo Bay shizz right there.


2 thoughts on “Time? What dat?

  1. Well said! lol “The bottom line is book promotion takes time as well as money. And what is time you ask? Hell if I know … I just know that I don’t have enough of it to keep up!” love your blog!

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