Being Nice …


So I sent my friend this Fifty Shades review which I thought was just hilarious (honestly, I’d be all but honored if Katrina created such a masterpiece trashing Orders of The Dimensions), thinking she might get a laugh out of it, and she emailed me back ranting about how cruel and mean-spirited it was.  But I seriously didn’t think it was that bad.  If anything, I thought the end warning impressionable girls against abusive relationships and criticizing the desensitization of rape was anything but cruel.  Yet my friend just didn’t see it that way.  Then again, my friend and many others did not see the harm in the Jimmy Kimmel Twerk FAIL prank that I did, which, in my humble opinion, was not only cruel but dangerous no matter how skilled that stuntswoman was.  So that got me to thinking about how niceness and cruelty can be subjective.  Now, this might come as a shock but I like being nice.  I do like the feeling when I do something good and get a warm and fuzzy feeling around that squishy organ just inside my chest.  And sometimes I even feel bad when I talk smack about Trickster Guy (TG: Oh my God!  I WAS TOTALLY FREAKIN JOKING!!!  NOW, WILL YOU FREAKIN GIVE IT A REST???) or Dictionary Lady (DL: Oh my God!  I WAS TOTALLY … okay, I still don’t have a decent defense.  Never mind.).  And now I’m wondering if my friend also secretly hates it when I talk smack about them, although she has told me that she loves my site.

And who’s to say that nice guys always finish last?  Gandhi, Fred Rogers, and Pope John Paul II were all considered nice guys and their legacies live on.  They are loved and remembered to this day.   So there must be something to being kind no matter how  cruel and cynical the world has become.  And if I post something positive on my facebook or twitter accounts, I do appreciate getting even just one like or favorite, be it from a friend or stranger.  I appreciate it because I like to think that I might have made that person’s day with my post.  Even here, I like being nice and some things I say are sincere, even if they come out sounding facetious.  Like I really do like Emma Clark, aka nutty madame.  I actually follow her on twitter and she follows me (thus far) and I find her to be a funny, intelligent, and charming young woman, not to mention a talented jewelry designer.  I mean that!  And I truly believe that neither she nor anyone else deserves any of the things she’s been called on the web.   I’m not just saying that to gain her as an Order of The Dimensions fan, either.  Even if she were to join forces with Katrina in bashing Order, I’d still like her.  Honest! Likewise, I’ve reviewed books for fellow authors and promoted them on twitter, whether or not they have shown interest in my book.  On facebook, I’ve also posted some messages on different pages, not expecting any favors in return.  And two pages even responded to my posts last week, addressing me by my first name.  Of course, I prefer to be addressed as Dr. Helenowski-Manganiello these days.  And yet for the sake of niceness, I did not bring it to their attention.  I guess I’m becoming mellow in my old age.  So who knows?  With me trying to be nice(r) now, maybe Santa Clause will even reward me by upping my sales this upcoming holiday season (SC:  Nope!  Too late for that!).  Ah well, was worth a try.


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