I’m Too Sexy for My Book


Why am I fighting the hot?  I mean, I already am in a profession considered sexy where everyone (except me, of course) is considered to be as hot as Emily Ratajkowski, so why did I bother with a book involving physics?  Physics is so 2005 anyway.  2013 is all about statistics and yet here I am, like a fool, pimping this damn thing about physics. It is because I wanted to look into something outside of my field, something different.  And yet the more I read about physics, the more I could also see statistics in it.  Like in the most recent issue of New Scientist, I’ve read how astronomers now hope to predict the behavior of neighboring galaxies by looking at the correlations between them.    Another thing that is hot now, including in physics, is big data.  Okay, this is going to sound really sad but I’m not even sure how to explain what big data are even after hearing about it all day at work and attending seminars on it.  But apparently that’s why my colleagues and I are considered the shizz.  I decided to fight my inner Dictionary Lady and google big data and came across this page.  And you know what’s even sadder now?  I still don’t know how to explain what big data are!  All I got from it is that even physicists consider us statisticians the shizz now.  But that’s all I need to know for my new plan.  I have decided to email APS again and say.  “Listen.  I am a statistician so I am the shizz.  Even you physicists think of me as the shizz (according to Wikipedia anyway).  So as the shizz, I really want you to arrange a book signing of Order of The Dimensions at your next March meeting and help me full blast with my publicity.  Furthermore, you’re going to pay for my airfare and accommodations at the Presidential Suite of the finest hotel in the city.  Lastly, you’re also  going to fly in Mr. Speilberg and Mr. Lucas so we can finally get moving on that movie deal.  And you’re going to do all this because, as a statistician, I am the shizz!”  Now, that should go over well, don’t you think?

Anyway, my friend, Erika, has also told me to stop fighting the hot and write like I did for my dissertation.  Because she really thought this was sexy.  Really?  It is?  It gets you hot and bothered like 50 Shades of Grey?  Huh.  Personally, it still makes me cradle back and forth in a fetal position in a dark corner while remembering my Graduate School Barbie days, but if you think it’s hot, then okay …



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