You have to Spend Money to Spend More Money

I’ll be the first one to admit that I suck at saving money.  And I’m not the kind (yes, I am) who wants to make excuses as to why that is.  But there really are things that just come up which make it difficult.  Like the $2.50 cup of coffee I need to get every morning from Starbucks/Intelligentsia/Café Descartes. What?  Don’t look at me like that!  I need my java and it needs to come from a snooty, overpriced place.  It just does, okay?  It just does.  Like my car whose dashboard lit up the other night, although I just spent $89 for new wiring.  Although I must admit that it did look pretty lit up like that.  It looked so pretty that I recited five Hail Marys in hopes that it wouldn’t do that again.  So there’s always the car, a new dishwasher, a new laptop.  Yeah, a new laptop too.  I guess I could take the one I have now to a repair store to see if they could fix my LCD screen or see why my hard drive is making those “that doesn’t sound good” noises similar to those my car likes to make but I imagine that I would get this reaction anywhere I’d go upon presenting that fossil.  I’m guessing that I would even get that response at a fictional place like Zelov Electronics.  Never heard of Zelov Electronics, real or fictional, you say?  That’s okay.  Don’t feel bad.  I’m pretty sure Dictionary Lady or Trickster Guy haven’t either.  Because, uh-huh.  And um, yeah.

So anyway, how does this relate to today’s topic?  Well, this year, I have gotten a promotion and a raise at my, let’s face it, real job, and you know, any sane person would say, “Cool!  Now I have more money I can save up for a new car or new computer.”  Of course, that’s not what I said.  No, no, no.  I said, “Cool!  Now, I have more money I can waste spend on my book promotion!”  And yeah,  whether it’s sending books to reviewers or sending pizzas to New Haven, it does add up.  Not to mention that Mark Zuckerberg is again holding some of my posts as hostages unless I pay him to circulate them to a greater audience.  I guess I could get Lil Tony to have a chat with him again, but even Lil Tony’s fees are getting up there and he strongly suggests that those fees be paid on time for the ‘safety’ reasons pertaining to my family and me.   And I don’t really argue with Lil Tony that much.  I just pay up and then fuhgeddaboudit.  So why am I still putting myself and my finances through all this for a book that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere?  Well, I’d like to think that I’m a hopeless romantic and my book will sometime, somehow finds its way into the spotlight.  That or I’m just really a real dumbass.  Which is exactly probably what Trickster Guy or Cutthroat Grandma would tell you.  But you never know!  Some nice albeit non-book related things do happen to me.  Like my mechanic gave me a free ice scraper when I picked up the car the other day.  That was nice of him.  I just hope he doesn’t make the pretty lights on the dashboard go on anymore.  Now, that would be too kind of him.

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