The internetz vs. Real Life, Part 1


Down-trodden and defeated, I attended this Health Policy Statistics conference last week here in Chicago and as I gave my name to pick up my registration materials, the meetings planner looked up and smiled at me.  “Hey, I know you!  You’re my twitter friend!”  Now, I do tweet the statistical meeting sites sometimes when I sometimes a lot of  times most of the time all the time get discouraged with my book promoting gig and need a distraction but I did not think that there are people who might actually pay attention to me.  But it also got me to thinking how much do we really know about people we encounter online and how would they really treat us IRL.  Maybe Trickster Guy (TG), Follow Me I’ll Unfollow You Guy (FMIUU),  and Dictionary Lady (DL) might just be very lovely people in real life too and might even be sweet to me if they ever were to encounter me in real life.  Well, maybe TG and FMIUU would be.  I’m thinking DL would still be a bitch.  Well, what can I say?  At least, TG and FMIUU did not take $66.74 from me for posting a freakin dictionary cartoon on my facebook page!  By the way, speaking of TG, I met up with my good friend and favorite Google+ pusher, Lisa, also at the conference and we had a conversation about TG that went something like this.

Lisa: So he responded?  That’s awesome!  I wanna see it! Could you send me the link?

Me:  Well, uh, he took it down. And then he banned me, temporarily at least.

Lisa: Well, that’s not cool.  He must have known you were joking like he was joking.

Me: Uh …

Lisa: I mean, what kind of idiot would think you would seriously email …

Me: Um …

Lisa: Oh my God, Irene.  HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW HE WAS JOKING????  Did you seriously email him?

Me:  No, no, of course not!

Lisa: Didn’t think so.

Me: I messaged him through facebook.

And that’s when Lisa did just the best Prince impersonation ever. So anyway, that got me to thinking how things can get gravely lost in translation over the internet.  The remainder of the conference was also good.  I met up with some friends from school, went to some interesting sessions, and met some really nice statisticians from the magical and mystical places of Albany and Rochester.  And they were not really impressed that my mom has distant family in another  magical and mystical place in upstate New York known as Buffalo.  So it was good to get away from the internetz  and have interactions with real people for a while.    And it gave me renewed faith that maybe people actually like me and may yet give my writing a chance.  Who knows?  Here’s to hoping that someday I may be twitter friends with the meetings planner at APS and that TG might someday take me seriously.  And I’ll even meet some physicists from magical and mystical upstate New York at an Order of The Dimensions premiere!  Um, yes, the conference was at a Hilton hotel.  Why do you ask? Uh, no, I did not run into any tall, skinny, blonde girl claiming that her family owned the hotel.  Yes, I’m sure.  No,  did not run into any tall, skinny, blonde girl claiming that her family owned the hotel and accidently leave any food or drink with her.  Again, why do you ask?


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