End Well. This probably won’t either


You know, I’ve been quite good up until now with anonymity because let’s face it, statisticians are like priests – they know how to take secrets to the grave.  Actually, they’re one up on priests because they have not only have God but data on their side.  This is so not a a semi-blind item though as you could probably figure out (unless you’re Dictionary Lady and not capable of using that google thingy) whom I’m talking about when I say that this story involves a certain Ivy League school producing a certain Tennessee Williams play starring a certain True Blood star.  And no, there is no restraining order involved anymore as I’m trying to be a good girl and stay away from taken men.  But I have decided to try a gimmick that I thought might bring my book some attention so I went on my favorite social media, next to Facebook, Linkedin, and Google+ and tweeted this star that I will deliver five Chicago-style deep dish pizzas to the night of his last performance if he re-tweeted the post.   And you know what?  (Unfortunately) he re-tweeted it.  I did get lots of attention though and even got the theatre group to follow me which I thought was cool!  But then five Chicago-style deep dish pizzas became three Chicago-style deep dish pizzas and three New Haven clam pies.  Now, I have seen that the Chi frozen pizzas arrived about two days ago and I’ve been trying to avoid this page like the plague, instead just trying to think that they arrived safe and sound.  So yesterday, I tried calling in an order to the local and university favorite to order the three NH clams, only to find out that they don’t deliver.  What could I do?  I messaged the theatre director about the situation and asked if someone could pick up the pies but he informed me that no one would be available at that time.  Scrabbling in a panic, I resorted to ordering from a place in New Haven I found on Eat24hours.com but now I’m wondering if that was a good idea.  The reviews I found online for the place were mixed.  I’ve looked up Eat24 spots around Rogers Park near Loyola University here in Chicago once and each of them also had iffy reviews but I’ve always passed it off as those Jesuits having palates that are way too refined.  Anyway, just now, I also received a call from a 203 area code number saying “I put ’em in a da cafeteria, mkay?”  At this point, I sure do hope that the theatre does have a cafeteria and that the Ivy-League-educated cast and crew do know how to find food there.  But it should be okay, right?  RIGHT?  It’ll be fine. The cast and crew will find the pizzas in a da  cafeteria, mkay?  And all the pizzas will be good decent edible.  No one will get sick. They’ll all love the pizzas, right?  The restraining order will not be re-instated. Right?   And most importantly of all, the theatre group won’t unfollow me, right?  RIGHT?  Ah well, just hoping for the best at this point.  Now, onto my next stunt — time to finish that tiny hat to send out to University Park, Pennsylvania.


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