What the fudge did I do now?


Ya know, I’m really starting to hate twitter again.  Just when I thought I got the hang of it, I do something to screw it up.  And this time, I really don’t know what I did.  It shouldn’t be a big deal and I should just let it go like my other bright ideas, but I just can’t if I don’t know the reason behind it.  So I had this prominent author follow me and after I followed him back, I got this message thanking me for the follow and hoping to get to know me better.  I didn’t know who this guy was at first, but after I googled him, I found out that he’s also a newscaster on the west coast and one of his books already got a movie deal.  So I thought, “Cool!  Maybe I should keep tabs on this guy!”  So I began responding to some of his tweets and mentioning him in some of mine and even signed up to his web page to get free chapters of his next book.  And then when I posted something about how I liked his first chapter, he unfollowed me.  WTF?  Did he not care for the brown nosing?  Did I tweet him too much in the past? Or too little?  Is he the long lost brother of Trickster Guy?  Did I wink at him by accident?  I just don’t know!  Or was it a test to see if I would still subscribe to his page to receive the free chapters?  Spoiler alert: I failed that one.  Well, I was pissed so what can I say?  I unsubscribed both my gmail and work accounts!  Although … it was getting pretty good so maybe I’ll re-subscribe with my yahoo account.  I’m feeling like a yahoo about the whole ordeal so that would be fitting anyway.


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