Pfftt …

Pfftt ...

That’s nothing! Now, a writer-wannabee statistician … that’s who you don’t want to piss off! And you know your death will be extra painful is he/she had any clients like this that day …

2 thoughts on “Pfftt …

  1. Irene, I’ve read all of your blogs. I love Order of Dimensions, but girl, you’ve got a really real funny bone in you. (I know that’s wrong English – and so was that………). I LOVE, yes, all caps, your blogs. Funny, funny, funny! I LOVE, yes all caps, to laugh and you have succeeded in making me do so. Keep writing your sci-fi books, but go for the humor, too. You’ve got it all over the place in your writing. I’m very serious. Clearly you’ve got a cast of characters in these – let’s just call them human beings for now – and the material is rolling off your pen (you know what I mean). You’ve got a funny bone, girl. Put some meat on it!

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