Gimmee a New Gimick


So how do we exactly know what sells today?  We’ve all heard the crazy stunts of the racist Dunkin Donuts Lady, Jimmy Kimmel, Amy’s Bakery, and who could forget the Heenes.  But not all bad publicity is the best publicity.  Sometimes, you just get noticed for doing something cool actually.  Look at Tim Blais.  He is the reason that I know that physics sells if done right and that my book is simply not taking off ground because I suck.  And I must admit that I have caved into the Blais mania, as I have to Sneezy The Penn State Squirrel mania.  And I am not envious of Blais or that hat-wearing rodent either.  I’m actually quite happy that they are gaining attention for something neat, rather than something less than desirable.   And if a Polish girl like Sneezy’s handler has done good, then all the more power to her!  I think I might even send my boss and my advisor a link to Sneezy’s page!  And write something like, “Awe, your alma mater has the cutest little animals!  I wonder how much statistics she knows, LOL!  Or physics, LOL! Or book selling.  I bet Sneezy knows how to sell a book better than me.  And knows more physics than me.  And maybe more statistics.”  Okay, I probably shouldn’t write the last part about statistics although it’s probably true too, but the point is, if there’s a gimmick out there that sells and can be actually done in a positive light, I’d say go for it.  Will I ever find such a gimmick and would it ever help my book take off, who knows.  But if do come across something that just might work, then, yeah, I’m gonna try it.  And as long as I can’t get fired or arrested (BTW, did you know that murder, arson, and blackmail are still illegal?  Drats!), I have nothing to lose.  Now, if you excuse me, I have to go make a tiny  Order of The Dimensions hat to send out to University Park, Pennsylvania.


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