You’re on your own, kid!


So I emailed a blogger who has been very helpful in the past my new blog and haven’t heard from her since.  I take it that she might be hiding in a small shack with the others on the border, having Pepe and Alejandro stand guard by the window with their shotguns already cocked.  But seriously, I’m not mad at her either way, because as I said, she had been helpful in the past.  Being a writer now is definitely a dog-eat-dog world now, even more so than the world of science.  I also had a fellow author two fellow authors unfollow me on twitter, just because I requested that she they retweet my giveaway.  Now, whether she really didn’t want to promote any work other than her their own or if she they were afraid that I might wink at her them next, I don’t know.   But the point is, everyone’s out there just to do their own thing and get their own product out there.  Now, I’m not saying don’t make any friends when you’re out there promoting.  I have met some of the sweetest, most sincere people, like Nick, Marilyn, Margaux, and Gerry – all incredible authors who definitely deserve a break too – who have definitely helped me on my journey and picked up me when I felt the most let down, but I’m getting to think that they are the exceptions and not the rules.  So just be careful and make sure the people you interact with aren’t just out for your blood and, more importantly, your entire bank account.  Hey, I recently found out that Dictionary Lady is promoting a book of her own as well!  I even came across her page and must admit that it looks pretty interesting.  Suspiciously, I didn’t see any dictionary cartoons on there though – hmmmm … Pepe might want to take extra precautions while protecting that one!


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