OMG!! Best Dream Ever!

So I’m at a Hollywood exec’s office and our exchange goes something like this:

Exec: So how are you doing, baby?

Me: All right.

Exec: Good!  Good!  Poor Krasinski and Manganiello are still heartbroken that you rejected them though. [Side note: Yeah, I don’t believe it either; that’s why I know I was dreaming].

Me: Really?

Exec:  Yeah, but you did the right thing.  You were right.  As much as you cared for them, you couldn’t do that to their significant others.  Because unlike that ugly, skanky, totally not hot Angelina Jolie, you are not only a very beautiful woman [Side note: definitely a dream!], but also a woman of virtue and morals.  Thanks to you, fidelity is the new ‘it’ thing in Ho-wood!!!

Me: Okay. Cool.

Exec: But don’t worry.  John and Joe are totally still doing your movie though.  Everyone in your fantasy cast is!

Me: Really?  Even Trickster Guy? [Side note: Yes, Trickster Guy is still in there.  He’s … nice try.  Not that easy to crack a statistician though.]

Exec: Even Trickster Guy!

Me: But he gave me the impression that he wanted me to buzz off.

Exec:  Yeah, but I’m getting Speilberg to call him personally.

Me: But …

Exec:  Trust me, honey!  Unless he has muddy, icky, Angelina Jolie-tainted rocks for brains, he’ll take Stevie’s call.

Me: Okay. Neat!

Exec: Oh, and APS called and they were wondering if we could do the premiere at their next March meeting.  Sort of a tie-in.

Me: But I thought they wanted me to buzz off also.

Exec:  Not anymore!  Oh, and Tim Blais wants to be your date for the premiere!

Me: Isn’t he a little young for me?

Exec:  But I thought you liked ’em young and Canadian!  Besides you’ll be very Madonna or Tina Turner.  Totally hot!

Me: Um, okay.  If you say so …

Exec: I’m telling ya, sweets!  Stick with me and you’ll be big, big, big!  I’m mean, JK Rowling who?  Stephanie Meier who?  EL James …

And then I woke up.  Ah, well, was nice while it lasted.  Back to my real job now.  I think I have to make some Kaplan-Meier curves today.  That’s okay.  I like making Kaplan-Meier curves.


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