Google minus??


So my good friend, Lisa, doesn’t do facebook or twitter (I don’t blame her by the way), but she does have a Google+ account and finally convinced me to get one.  And I get notices whenever she shares with me a cute little puppy/kitten/bunny meme and I’m like, “Awe, I should go there more often.”  And then when I do go there to like favorite +1 her post, I realize why I do not visit more often.  Basically, it’s facebook, twitter, and linkedin on steroids.  At first, I liked the idea of circles and advertising my book to certain groups but then I realized that I really do not know who the hell should I market to?  I already bug my family and friends via email and facebook.  Same with authors and bloggers.  And how does G+ exactly define acquaintances?  And if I can’t pimp my book to family and friends, what makes me think I can sell my book to them?  I guess I could just share all my book posts publicly just to get it out there for maximum exposure, but with the side-by-side layout, the message can get even more lost.  At least for me given my experience at looking at posts from other authors and bloggers.  Like I could be “Hey, that’s sounds like an interesting book.  I should check … Hey!  A new house in Japan made solely out of Coke bottles!  Cool!”  Needless to say, with my G+ ADHD, I I don’t really get back to the book in question and I would imagine that perhaps others have the same problem.

But anyway, I still do google+ once in a while to wish the occasional blogger a good birthday (“Happy Birthday!  Please be merciful when crucifying my book!”)  and to look at Lisa’s recent vacation pictures like the ones she took in Istanbul last year.  Speaking of Istanbul, I have also noticed that I have been added into circles by some young men from Turkey as well as from Bangladesh and the beautiful, exotic country of Canada.  And I must admit that I added them back to my circles.  Hey, I’m a thirty-something, single, desperate wannabe author with a failing book, so if some red-blooded good-looking stud ten years my junior from a faraway, non-English speaking country like Canada (eh???) thinks I’m hotter than Emily Ratajkowski, I’ll take it and add them back to my circles.  Please don’t judge.


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