Something else that’s not working


So y’all know my success with agents, publicists, and actor/producer types so far.  And for some reason, they do not seem all that impressed with me completing a dissertation in biostatistics.  I like to chalk it up to them being JELLIS H8TRZ because they do not even know what multiple imputation is.  Well, that’s what I tell myself to help me sleep at night at least.  And that’s the reason why they are still alive today.  And in truth, surprisingly, it’s not all in my head.  I was just at an alumni luncheon where the dean of my alma mater did mention that there is a growing anti-science, anti-intellectual sentiment in our culture.  So another move I’ve tried was getting at least my own kind on my side.  My turf. My people.  I’ve emailed several physicists, telling them about my book and how I’d like my audience (do I have even one?) to learn about some real facts concerning the multiverse theory and the actual science behind it.  I’ve emailed the giants of course: Kaku, Greene, Randall, as well as some lesser known but still prominent scientists from other prestigious institutions.  And I did get some interviews in fact: which you can check out here.  Which are pretty cool. Of course, I had to email numerous individuals before I got them as I’m assuming most of the recipients treated them as those coming from a Nigerian prince or Taiwanese banker despite me using my .EDU address.

So my next step was thinking, “Hey, maybe I can get APS or their division Physics Central to a joint promotion with me!  I’ll even give them free copies  to pass out next time they’re represented at Comic Con!   Yeah, that’ll work!”  Well, it hasn’t so far.  It’s like we were having a sing-off, I would be doing a Carla Rae Jepson song and they would be doing a Taylor Swift song.  Ah, but what can we do … I should know that academia is a tricky field, what with all the blinded reviews and institutions competing for grant money (no kidding!  we’ve gone from being like this to being like this with all the recent budget cuts in science funding) and the pressure to publish.  So I kind of don’t blame any scientific organization for scoffing at my lil book, not knowing its ins and outs, not knowing how scientifically accurate it is.  And I admit that I myself don’t know how possible all the physics in it would be.  Still, like a fool, I keep pimping it, seeing what will come up.  I’m thinking about perhaps emailing some more physics profs in order to get another interview for next month or the month after next.  But don’t worry:  I won’t include any winks in the email, as not give them the impression that I’m really a pervert wanting to give them a peep show.


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