Open Letter to Jimmy Kimmel


Dear Mr. Kimmel,

I just read the news that the Twerk FAIL video or whatever  it’s called was a fake and that you hired a stunts person as a hoax.  Well then, I think I have some suggestions for future hoaxes if you’re interested that are in line with your type of humor.

1. I was thinking that maybe you can get an oncologist to tell a patient in remission that his or her cancer came back and this time is incurable.  Wouldn’t that be hilarious?

2. Or you can set up a woman on a date and then give her the impression that the guy’s a potential rapist.  Oh, the laughter that would ensue!

3. Or … and I’m especially proud of this one … you can go visit a military family and tell them that their loved one was just killed in Iraq or Afghanistan.  Hey, if you wait a few months, maybe you can even say that he or she were killed in Syria!  Now isn’t that just hysterical?

The point is, Mr. Kimmel, not about the twerking, which I do vehemently hate as well, but that I do not think that the outcome of the prank itself was funny.  Now, you may or may not take a look at my blog and say I’m one to talk given my sardonic humor, with my pre-medidated murder plans and such but in truth, I make it so over-the-top, that you know it’s unbelievable.  You, on the other hand, took an actual video of a girl catching on fire, leaving many to believe that she really might have been injured.  And just because she’s a stuntwoman who knows what she was doing doesn’t mean that nothing would have gone wrong.  Surgeons know what they’re doing and yet people die on their table all the time.  Police officers and firemen know what they’re doing and yet get killed in the line of duty all  the time.  And remember Brandon Lee, Mr. Kimmel?  Maybe your target audience doesn’t, but you should.  He was also a skilled stuntman as well as a fine actor and yet was the victim of a tragic accident on set of The Crow.  If something happened, I wonder if you would still think the prank was worth it.  And I also wonder if you thought about how a real burn victim or someone whose loved one was a burn victim might view that clip.  I am sorry but in truth I do not get your humor at all.  And if the target audience these days is one that is amused by the implication that someone might be truly harmed, then quite frankly, perhaps I want my book to fail, or as you would write, FAIL.  You may never see this, Mr. Kimmel, but in the event that you do, I thank you for your time.


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