The potential fan I scared away …


No, I did not try to stab her in the shower ala Norman Bates.  Not this time at least … honest!  This was more about trying to ‘connect’  with potential fans on twitter and having it backfire badly.  Very badly.  Badly like I’m honestly thinking about going all Minority Report and changing my entire identity due to the embarrassment.  So nice knowing ya, ladies and gents!   Apparently, I cannot just reply to random people who retweet my posts.   And adding a winking face at the end is creepy.  All I said was “Not everyone is as smart as you! ;)” regarding something she said about school, but that really put her on edge.  Yes, boys and girls, winking is the new foam finger, don’t you know?  Who knew?  This hasn’t been a problem for me on facebook or Dlisted or even at Yahoo! News, but it is on twitter.  And yet, in all seriousness, online predators are a real problem and maybe this girl was really freaked out so I’ll file this one under mea culpa.   And perhaps it’s for the best that she does not know me as I wouldn’t want her to help take down this baby.  So there you have it:  It is best for potential fans to creep out the author and not the other way around.  Or something like that.   I’m tired so that’s the best I could come up with.  Anyway, until next time … 😉  What?  This is WordPress, not Twitter.  Okay, okay, until next time … 😐  That’s more like how I am feeling at the moment anyway.


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