I know what the problem is … I’m of the womenfolk kind!



Okay, so I kind of touched on this topic before.  But just thought I would revisit it.  Recently, I came across yet another article about how science fiction, albeit boasting such proliferative authors as Mary Shelley, Margaret Atwood, and Audrey Niffeneger, still considered a man’s world and how it’s easier to publish syfy as a man rather than a woman.  Mind you — I’m not comparing myself to any of those talented writers (BTW, did I mention that I got another sucky review this week — woohoo!!) but I think I just figured out why my uphill battle is so, well, uphill.  Even with such wonderful organizations as the Cambridge-based Scientista Foundation, Chicago-based Project Exploration, and EU’s Science: It’s a Girl Thing helping to promote the sciences to girls, the mainstream media is not picking up on the concept.  And unfortunately, we’re regressing.  When I was five, this lady was the hot stuff.  Now, with my niece at that age, this **cough, cough** lady is. (Excuse me, hair ball).

And that’s really a shame.  It’s like society doesn’t care about the past, present, or future contributions that women had made to science fiction or for that matter, to science anymore.  We no longer seem to care that Marie Curie discovered radium and polonium as long as bitch made Pierre a sandwich.  Or that it was Rosalind Franklin who actually first determined the structure of DNA through her work in x-ray crystallography as long as bitch made a sandwich for Watson and Crick.  Or that Lisa Randall is now one of the leading proponents of the multiverse theory, as long as bitch makes a sandwich for Greene and Kaku.  So how do we change these attitudes?  I dunno.  Beats me.   If I knew, I’d like to think that I would rule the world by now and all its riches would be MINE, MINE, MINE!!! I would do whatever I can to keep spreading the word out.  And in the process, maybe girls would even pick up my book and say, “hey, that heroine who’s a physics student is a pretty cool chick.  Maybe I could do that too.”  Ah well, still sticking to biostats in the meantime.  By the way, my dissertation advisor and boss are both of the menfolk kind as well as graduates of the Penn State Statistics department.  Gee, I hope they don’t realize I’m of the womenfolk kind.   And I don’t need Miley Cyrus to send them any friendly reminders regarding my gender as well as my race either.  You know, because in case you haven’t noticed, I really need to keep this job.


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