Ghosthunters on the Syfy Channel! Kill me now.


Seriously, kill me so that I can come back as a ghost and go after producer geniuses that put that crap on the air.  Or at least get to their cars, reach for their brake line and … Call me a purist if you will but I just get this “new paranormal anything mixed in with science fiction” phase.  Science fiction by definition is “fiction based on imagined future scientific or technological advances and major social or environmental changes, frequently portraying space or time travel and life on other planets.”  Yes, I know I just copied that from Google.  What’s your point?  By the way, have you checked your brakes lately?  Okay then.  Now I do love me a good ghost/vampire/werewolf/witch story sometimes, yes.  I do like Being Human (the British version of course; I’ll forgive Syfy for airing that one), Ghost Whisperer (don’t judge), and Charmed (again, don’t judge).  But please, let’s sell them for what they are, people!  Fantasies that feed into our inner psyches but have nothing to do with science.

Whenever I hear “a story of ghost hunters based on a true story!”, I don’t think “Oooh … I wonder if their head scientist got his/her degree from the University of Washington or Dartmouth.”  I think “Oh sweet, some people have lives even more pathetic than mine!”  Actually, that’s how the producers of such movies should sell them, in my opinion.  Just look at how well it’s working out for The Real Housewives franchise!  Yes, I know the irony of me telling someone how to sell something.  Again, how are your brakes?  Thought so.  So unless a major accredited university forms a Department of Paranormal Activities within their School of Science, let’s leave the para out of anything considered normal in science fiction.  Otherwise, we’re doing the major public who already have some misconceptions of what real science is a major disservice.  Next thing you know, there will be documentaries based on the “real” existence of mermaids on Animal Planet.  What?  Awe, no.


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