LinkedIn is another ‘interesting’ social network.  It’s supposed to be used primarily for your professional enhancement but let’s be honest, it’s just getting to be another clusterf…funnyfunnyplace.  On there, I am ‘connected’ to everyone from my dissertation advisor to my roofer(???).  It is a site where I’d like to put the emphasis on my biostats career but I have also received requests to be ‘connected’ from some of the bloggers who had given me book reviews.  And I’ve even given recommendations to those bloggers who had given both good (H/she’s cool) and bad (H/she was tasty with fava beans!) reviews.  Oh, and I’ve been endorsed by quite a few bloggers for my skills in R and SAS and longitudinal data analysis!  Okay, I truly appreciate when my advisor or my colleagues from work or school endorse me for those skills.  But when the bloggers do, I start thinking that it’s their subliminal way to tell me to keep my day job (albeit they might be right).  That or they’re just drunk clicking the endorsements on the top again.  Yet I will still accept endorsements in survival analysis from anyone.  Because not to brag but unlike selling a book, I do know a thing or two about making a bitchin’ Kaplan-Meier curve.

What is a Kaplan-Meier curve, you ask?  Well, it’s basically a curve that shows you how many individuals in a certain population have survived after a certain time period.  So let’s say you take the three aforementioned people who pissed me off and Emily Blunt and say you study them for a period of a month.  If I do not run into them IRL  they do not experience  life-threatening events (we will have to cover competing risks some other time), you could say that the survival rate for that population is 100% and the Kaplan-Meier curve would look like this at the end of the month, even if my book sales do not pick up during that time.


But let’s say I run into two of them IRL within the month and yet my book sales do not pick up, then the Kaplan-Meier curve could look like this.


And if I were to run into all four of them IRL and yet my book sales do not pick up, the Kaplan-Meier curve could look like this at the end of the month.


See that?  Survival analysis can be fun, boys and girls!  Anyway, just another qualm about LinkedIn is that there are not a lot of serial killers to connect to since as of late I’ve been looking at new ways to …  as I was saying, isn’t survival analysis fun, boys and girls?


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