And I thought facebook was bad.   As of now, I truly believe that the only purpose for Twitter is to allow all of us to get daily updates from the voices in Amanda Bynes’ head. Well, I can do that.  I can let you know what the voices in my head are saying.  I just need more than 140 characters to do so.  That’s why I opt to do it here and not there.  By the way, now they’re saying that people who don’t buy my book are ugly.  Damn!  Didn’t work!  Okay — how about some reverse psychology.  People who BUY my book are ugly.  Nothing?  Damn!

I recall Dictionary Lady  liked to put a lot of famous quotes on my account before the voices in my head told me to take that shovel and … before her employment was terminated.  She was particularly fond of quoting Anton Chekov.  I like the name Anton.  There is a character in my book named Anton.  Do you know which character?  I bet that Dictionary Lady does not since I bet she did not even crack the first page.  Anyhow, I still go back there from time to time and quote some Curie and Einstein on there.  But again, I cannot fit anything over 140 characters.  Don’t even get me started on why I cannot do justice to the sayings of the two greatest scientists of the 19th and 20th centuries because of a freakin’ character limit.  And sometimes I just stalk tweet John Krasinski.  Of course, he doesn’t respond because it is recommended that he does not under the provisions of the restraining order Emily Blunt is obviously intimidated by my gazing beauty and won’t let him.  I knew there was a reason her last name rhymed with another word (yes, I went there — deal!).  Ah, well – back to the drawing board!


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