Why do I bother?  Seriously, why, why, why do I bother?  I seriously do not know myself.  And facebook ads?  Do they work?  They do get you likes, just not sales.    If they do get you sales, you might want to stop talking now for your own safety.  Oh, and Mark Zuckerberg is the Sweet Brown of social media.  Basically, he ain’t got no time to sell your book once he claimed your facebook payment.  And yet I am still that site’s Dr. Jekyll to this site’s Ms. Hyde.  You may find this hard to believe but I’m the ever perky, ever chirpy cheerleader over there, just full of sunshine and rainbows!  Because I do not want to offend any potential (HA!) customers.  So over there, I’m like:

Yay! Physics!  Woohoo! Science!  Who needs stinky vampires and werewolves when we could have quantum physicists traveling to realms situated in Aruba and Belize and … OhPleaseOhGodFortheLoveofChristPleaseBuymyBook.  Or at least take it … or I’ll pay you!  Yes, I will actually pay you to read my freakin’ book!

Okay, so I haven’t had a facebook meltdown yet, but I’m getting there.  Right now, I’m still sticking to posting my positive reviews and pretty pictures of fractals and cutesy baby animal and kiddie memes.  In fact, I just created this new kiddie meme.Image

Now, isn’t she just the most adorable little girl?  Do you think my fb audience will like her?

PS: If you absolutely still insist on following me on f***book, you can like my page at: www.facebook.com/OrderOfTheDimensions

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