Trickster actor/producer guy


Disclaimer:  No, the actor I am talking about is NOT Charlie Sheen and, yes, I am still keeping the anonymity of the real person in question.  I just thought this picture might suit this post.  But really, can anyone compete with the winning warlock hotness of Carlos Estevez?

Don’t know if he was the real deal or not but this still wasn’t a very nice thing to do.  So I just posted a message on his fb page that I had a character in mind for him to play just for the heck of it.  Wasn’t expecting a response at all but he did reply “Yes, for sure … tell me more.”  Oh crap!  Maybe this was legit?  So I wrote a little something about the role and then he replied “No problem.  Let me know if you want me to read it and I’ll give you an email address to send it to.”  Crap!  Seriously?  So of course, I decided to call his bluff and messaged him an email where he could get in touch with me. And then he banned me.  Yes, ha, ha, ha, he tricked me.  He tricked someone who just completed a dissertation on a semi-parametric approach for imputing missing data.  Nice, very nice job, I must say.

A few hours later though, he unbanned me but eliminated our exchange from his fb wall as evidence.  My first impulse was to send him another message with this  clip  from the only cinematic masterpiece rivaling Citizen Kane (until Order of The Dimensions is made, of course).  But (unfortunately), my mama taught me how to be a lady.  But if he was the real actor, he’ll pay, trust me.  Maybe not today or tomorrow, but someday, I promise.  In the (very) extremely minute chance that Order of The Dimensions is made into a movie, that role might still go to him.  And that’s okay with me.  But then, at the premiere, he might get ‘accidentally’ locked into a room with Emma Clark.  Yes, that Emma Clark of Twihard fame.  Now, I actually like her.  I must say that I enjoy several of her videos and find them funny.  I am sure that she just may be a lovely young woman … when she’s on her meds.  By the way, her meds would be ‘accidentally’ misplaced that day.  Yes, I’m being totally serious.  Yes, I am typing this with a straight face.  And, um yeah, it is kinda like he sold my firstborn child to Satan.  Yes, I could be that sadistic.  BWAHA.   HAHA.  HAHA.

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